Never Ending Paperwork

We were so excited that God had given us a clear sign that we were always meant to build our family through adoption so we got the process started right away!  The first step was setting up informational interviews with different adoption agencies around the area.  I was surprised how easy it was to chose the agency – we went with our guts and chose the agency that made us excited and confident that we would be able to adopt!  They were very helpful and friendly, answered all of our questions, and were excited for us.

The next step…or next eighty steps…was paperwork, paperwork, paperwork…  When we went to the conference to learn about adoption, I heard every adoptive parent talk about the massive amounts of paperwork, but I didn’t realize truly how much paperwork there was.  And how invasive it would be.  There’s the applications, physicals, fingerprints at the police station, preference selections, 25 page autobiographies, interviews, home visits, etc.  And all that was just to get ‘home study approved’.

I got discouraged often during the process – it felt unfair that we had to go through all of this, when everyone else could get pregnant so easily.  But I had to remind myself that God is control and the best things in life don’t come easy.  We always kept our focus on the light at the end of the tunnel – that eventually we were going to be blessed with a beautiful baby!

What really sets the agency that we chose apart from the others is how they offer extensive training to make sure you’re prepared for adoption.  We took four full day classes that covered a wide range of topics – adoption, childhood trauma, grief, transracial parenting, SUIDS, caring for a newborn, and much more.  Not only was it great to learn so much and feel more prepared, but we also had a chance to get to know many other prospective adoptive parents.  It is comforting knowing there are others who are going through the same struggle as you.  My recommendation to anyone going through this process is to use your support system and find others that can relate to your situation.

We were sooo excited when we received our approved home study!  We were officially a ‘waiting family’!  We chose to be involved in our agency’s National Domestic Infant program which meant that 40 agencies and facilitators around the country would all be presenting our information and profile books to expectant mothers.  Once we were home study approved, we filled out applications for each of the agencies and create our profile books.  In the next blog post, I’ll go through our profile book and how we made it


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